It was my first time in New York this April ; the wind swelled with left over goodness of spring. I knew gathering a likeness for this city is an acquired feeling. It wasn’t one of those places that swept me off my feet at first sight. On our way home from the airport, my husband (who has bathed himself with this acquired feeling) and I took a mini tour through a few landmarks and along the Hudson, in our yellow taxi cab. My jet-lagged mind registered the essence of the city. I felt like my cats back home – distracted with every tall shiny building with fancy names. It was a pleasant morning drive, heading towards a whole new life ahead.

In the midst of the excitement of moving in and setting up our cozy apartment, we created a lot of memories, ate some never-tasted-before food, watched a Spanish drama series for the first time and travelled to a few neighboring cities. Each tour would last one weekend and that meant we wouldn’t have time for everything there is to see; we have let it trick ourselves into trusting the comfortable possibility of going back again.


It is always exciting to know there is something out there you never knew about. That is what makes travel such an overwhelming experience. It is often a choice between feelings of open mindedness and uncertainty. The impact is intense if it is the former.





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